The best free software 2019

Paid software can be expensive if you do not make the smart choice. In contrast, free programmes and software have been a mainstay of the desktop experience for years, and the offerings are getting more fascinating and powerful with time. Free software and programmes are driving the world of technology. Paid-for packages may look good in general, but these aren’t the no-bucks-down apps that can make life easy for an everyday PC user. Let’s get you set up to try some innovative things and to enjoy yourself.

VLC is an open-source media player that is compatible with almost all mobile devices, PCs, HoloLens and Xbox. You can download it instantly without any need to have an additional codec or plugin. When VLC Media Player is launched for the first time, it begins detecting any connected storage device automatically and allows you to store that file in your media library. Alternatively, you can copy a media file to the internal storage of Windows 10. It’s also possible to lock the file to avoid skipping a scene via clumsy accidental tapping.

Advanced System Optimiser

It is the best PC optimiser programme to try this year. Every computer requires regular maintenance and cleanup. Once Advanced System Optimiser is installed on your computer, it becomes easy for you to improve the system’s overall performance. The software keeps the RAM optimised, clears caches once a while, and helps you get rid of unwanted files and junk. Apart from having a plethora of options, Advanced System Optimiser keeps your computer system healthy and comes with a game booster, registry cleaner, and driver updater.


LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite – it is suitable for people who are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office. The software includes a plethora of options, such as text documents, presentations, databases, and spreadsheets – it is compatible with almost all devices and the new Microsoft file formats – as a user, you will have no problem sharing and editing files that work with the user of Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word. Once worked on, your file will look professional and sharp – there are hundreds of fonts and templates to choose from.