Annotate, Remember & Discover

Attach annotations to users on Twitter

Met Chrome Plugin screenshot


Using our browser plugins, find the person on Twitter and start attaching notes of where you met or how you know them


Met was created to solve the problem of remembering how and when you met someone. Annotations allow you to add any information about a user.


Using our web application, browse through your annotations to discover the rich information you have provided

Quick Access To Annotations

Hover over the Met indicators for quick access

Met indicators live just under user profile images and will reveal the met panel when you hover over them. You'll easily find your annotated users as the indicator will appear in a prominent colour.

Met indicator
Met Sidebar

Right In Your Flow

Met panel for reading and writing annotations

We have designed a self contained interface for attaching annotations, designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. The panel allows you to log in, register and attach annotations.


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